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01/03/16 03:38 PM #162    

Rich Halligan

Corpus Christi 6th, 7th and 8th grade football team. We would have been in 7th grade the year this was taken. I did not play FB in 7th grade due to a knee problem. How many of these guys can you name?

01/04/16 01:55 PM #163    


Rebecca Estlund (Theesfield)

What a great pic, Rich! Wish my eyesight was better for the smallish faces, but it's fun to see. Weird that you guys were younger there, and many smaller than my nearly 6' 7th grader grandson is now. His basketball team has such a wide range of heights in the boys, that it does make me think of you guys way back when.

01/04/16 11:13 PM #164    

Steven Booth

Hey Rich, I've got the same pic,even posted in the FD Messenger Sports History Book! I'm pretty sure I can name them all! What's my prize?...peace out...


01/05/16 09:53 AM #165    

Joni Coughlon


89  Charles Smith

70.  Rich Halligan 

64   B uzz Powers

88.  Steve Schweiger

50.  Dan Mallinger

67.  Dennis Schrier

57.  Larry Oceanosik

44.  Larry Derrig

16   Mitch Sells

Mark Fritz 4th 1st row left

Sandy Coughlon 3rd from right front

Rich Halligan just a start.  See if you agree with any on the FOOTBALL PICTURE!!

01/05/16 09:57 AM #166    

Joni Coughlon

Father Alvey has a home in Okoboji



01/05/16 03:16 PM #167    

Rich Halligan

Becky, I wish I could figure out how to make the photo larger on the post, but it's got me stumped. You might be able to download it from the website and use your computer to zoom in on the image. 

Steve, I got a feeling we are going to need your identification expertise.

Jacquie, I think you're right on most of them, except #73 that's Chuck Halligan my little brother, he was a grade behind us. I think the kid with the football (in front of Pat and Mike) is Dan Mallinger (a grade ahead of us).

Joni, I think you're right on all but #70, that is Mitch Hanrahan.

A couple of others I think I can identify are: #89 Steve Smith(?), #66 Tom Hickey (a grade ahead of us), #18 Tim Wafful (my cousin and a grade ahead of us), #51 is that Mark Kreiger?

Corrections and additions are eagerly sought.

Happy New Year to all.

01/05/16 11:30 PM #168    

Steven Booth

Hi everyone,I'll try and name them,but right now it's late and got to get home.You did a nice job...I can't quite get #37...peace out

02/04/16 06:01 PM #169    

Joni Coughlon

So sad to hear of Matt  Schnurr's death this morning.  I haven't seen him recently buy remember him well in grade school.  My sympathies to Dee and your kids. Matt will always watch over you. God Bless

05/20/16 10:25 PM #170    

Steven Booth

Hi y'all,just had a flashback to 45 years ago today and i know it's hard to believe,but on May 20th 1971,the most Way too hip gotta go and Way too Cool Class graduated from St Edmond High School...Yes believe it or not ...And reality looked right in the face and said get youself together and join the human race(John Lennon)

 So Congratulations to everyone,good job and hope as many as possible will be in FD that first weekend in OCT,we'll rock that town,rock it inside out(Stray Cats)...peace out...





05/21/16 09:01 PM #171    


Daniel Severson

That's well said Steve....still doesn't seem that long ago.
October will b a blast getting togetheršŸ˜‰

05/23/16 02:30 PM #172    


Mary Kelly

I remember thinking soon after graduation that when we re-convened in ten years at our 10-year reunion, we would be 27 and 28 years old and that sounded SO OLD! 



09/01/16 09:52 AM #173    

Stephen Kersten

Hey Class of 1971!!!

Our 45th High School reunion is just about 5 weeks away.  You should have received your invite with response form by now.  Please fill the form out and return so we know how many will be coming.  Early indications are that we will have a great number attending.

 On Friday, October 7th we will begin the fun filled weekend by attending the St. Ed's football game at Dodger Stadium.  For those that haven't seen that stadium for awhile, it is refurbished and one of the best high school venues in the State!  I hope to get a team class photo during halftime on the field that night if possible. On saturday there are a number of activities that have been planned which will culminate with a dinner and gathering at Old Bostons saturday evening.

We look forward to seeing as many classmates as possible for what will be a great reunion weekend.  

See you all soon!

Steve K.  

10/09/16 12:56 PM #174    

Stephen Kersten

Hello class of 1971!  I have posted 70+ photos i have taken of our 45th reunion on a website for free downloads.  

go to this site:


click on the download button to download one or more of the photos of our 45th reunion.  (don't click on "buy" since you can download and print or share as many times as you want)





10/17/16 09:26 PM #175    

Steven Booth

Howyuh Dewin', just flew back to LA and boy are my arms tired(old joke),had so much fun at our 45th Reunion I think a fun time was had by all. All th time and effort were worth it...Also like to give a shout out to Dana Gargano because it's his birthday today!   Happy Birthday DG...peace out...


10/18/16 12:32 PM #176    

Dana Gargano

Boother.... Thanks for the Bday wishes. So happy your arms were good enought to get you back to LaLa land.


ps: give Beppo some shots of Patron to keep him calm!

11/23/16 11:27 PM #177    

Steven Booth

Howdee Y'all, well it's that time again to wish everyone a Happy-Safe-Sane-enjoyable, you see where I'm going with this,Thanksgiving.One day of the year when you don"t need to "put another shrimp on the barbie".Let's chow down on turkey,dressing mashed potatoes,green bean cassarole with crispy fried onions on top, some biscuits and top it off with some pie...whew I just got tired thinking about all that! Guess I'll take a couple of

notches out of my belt and relax...Happy Thanksgiving...peace out...


12/25/16 09:51 AM #178    

Amy Lychwick (Howard)

A very merry and blessed Christmas to all of my classmates and their families! Here's wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year as well. Peace. Amy

01/05/17 05:07 PM #179    

Steven Booth

Hi Y'all Happy New Year hope 2017 is awesome and hey today Jan 5th is our very own Christine Ertl Walton's birthday!! So Happy Birthday Christine...peace out...

03/07/17 05:38 PM #180    

Steven Booth

Hi to the most way too cool, most way too hip gotta go now class from SEHS,just some birthday updates, today is our very own Tom Haberman's birthday and 1 week ago Feb 28th was Mary Jo Doyle Haberman's so a kinda Happy Birthday 2fer...peace out...

09/23/17 04:57 PM #181    


Lise Hurst (Shannon)

From Dick Mills:

Updated address for Tim McCarville

2250 Dickerson Road

Reno, NV 89503





04/22/19 06:27 PM #182    


Robert Toohey


I was fortunate to have been invited to run in the 123rd Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2019. As someone once said--" I wasn't good in sports, so I ran, and I wasn't very good at running, so I ran long !"

04/22/19 11:11 PM #183    

Steven Booth

We're so proud of you Bob, you did it!!

04/23/19 01:18 PM #184    


Daniel Severson

Awesome .....way to go :)

04/24/19 12:41 PM #185    

Karen Cain (Sullivan)

Congrats Bob.  What an accomplishment!

04/24/19 02:21 PM #186    

Rich Halligan

Great job Bob. 

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