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06/24/21 07:06 AM #196    

Bernard Dowd

Bernie here. Wanted to share a photo sent to me a few days ago by my brother, Bill, that really got my attention.  Since we lost our Matt a while back I jumped to the conclusion this photo was from years ago. But the fellow he's with in the photo was performing in an Allman Brothers tribute band in Okoboji a few nights ago, and it turns out his name is Matt. What an eerie but happy coincidence, since this is very much the way I remember Matt Schnurr. 


Then I recalled that, as I was leaving Matt's "celebration of life" gathering three days before he died, my parting words to him were that, if it turned out to be possible, I thought he should come back and mess with us a bit, you know, tip a chair over, knock some books off shelves. Let us know you're around. I'd say he went above and beyond with this, however. Atta boy, Mattie!



07/05/21 04:14 PM #197    

Patricia Campbell (Dunn)

Bernie Doud, I totally agree with the resemblance of Matt Schnurr and this "new Matt". This is a nice story of our fellow classmate and I think he was just messing with you a bit, too. Patsy

08/25/21 08:11 PM #198    

Terry Dobmeier

Hello friends- I am going to be in Fort Dodge Sept. 17th-19th and hope to see anyone else who might be around.  Perhaps I'll see you at the football game, Amigo's, on the golf course or pickle ball court; or at Mass Saturday night.

It would be great to see you. 

08/26/21 12:26 PM #199    

David Bischoff

My plans are made so I'll be there too. I'm wide open for anything anyone wants to do. The ball game, golf, fraternizing at Amigo's, etc. I hope to see some old friends. We can keep it grassroots informal but still have some fun. If there's interest, chime in. 

09/19/21 09:26 AM #200    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

09/19/21 09:27 AM #201    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

09/19/21 09:27 AM #202    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

09/19/21 09:28 AM #203    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

09/19/21 09:30 AM #204    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

11/24/21 09:34 PM #205    

Mary Bodwell (McAleavy)

Hello fellow Classmates!!
I'm just writing today to wish you all a Happy Holiday season as we near the end of 2021 and venture forth into 2022!! So Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every one of you!! And come next September I would very much like to SEE YOU ALL IN '22 for our 50 +1 Class Reunion.

12/14/21 12:55 PM #206    


Gerald Potratz

My parents made sure that each Christmas was filled with tradition, family gatherings, music and fun.  Now, as family elders, the traditions of Christmas are up to each of us to sustain or establish.  What do you remember about the holidays growing up?  What are the today's holiday traditions in your home?  If your holiday spirit is willing, why don’t you share your answers to these questions with your fellow classmates.  We would love to hear your stories!

01/21/22 05:08 PM #207    

Patricia Campbell (Dunn)

The pictures from the 30th reunion recently posted that are part of your photo collection are really of remarkable quality. The 4 from today are also great subject matter. Thanks for making them available. Patsy

01/22/22 03:24 PM #208    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

Does anyone have a 1st Communion Class photo from Sacred Heart? Saint Matthews? I'd love to post those here as well. 

Also if anyone has any photos from past reunions, proms, homecomings, or graduation, please email or text to me and I'll also post here on

Thanks to Teresa Burke, Sherry D., and Kevin Ryan for looking through their photo boxes!


01/22/22 07:37 PM #209    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

  • Teresa Burke Flattery just sent the Sacred Heart Frist Communion Class Photo.  Just now posted on Thank you Teresa!
  • Does anyone have a photo of First Communion from parishes in Clare, Barnum, or Duncombe?
  • Need help logging on or joining for the first time? Forgot your password? Email me:

02/02/22 02:39 PM #210    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

HaPpY 2-2-22!!!! 

02/25/22 02:47 PM #211    

Kathleen Hay (Bednar)

Dear Class of '71,

Our classmate Carol Mueller Ocenasek and her husband Larry, Class of '70, are in Rochester, Minnesota as Larry finishes his chemotherapy treatment for bone marrow cancer and awaits a stem cell transplant procedure early March. Larry had a complication last month with Covid but fortunately had a mild case and has recovered. The St. Edmond Alumni FB page has a GoFundMe link if you would like to donate to help with the additional expenses they are incurring with the long hotel stay. If you prefer to send a check or would like to send a card of support to Carol and Larry, please contact me for information by sending me a private message. My cell is 319.440.3343 and email is Please keep Carol, Larry and their family in your prayers.

Many thanks!  Kathleen

04/12/22 06:21 PM #212    

Denny Farmer


HI, All,

I am in Des Moines helping my sister Janet after a surgery, that she is recovering from.

I was able to meet up with Dan Severson this trip. It really is amazing connection with someone I knew well in Holy Rosary and High School after 50 years. 

We don't look that bad after that long. 

Denny Farmer

04/12/22 08:05 PM #213    

Steven Booth

Welcome back!! You guys both look good..

04/12/22 08:09 PM #214    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

Can't wait to see you both!

Can't wait to see everybody!

04/14/22 10:39 PM #215    


Barbara Wagner

Thanks for the pic, yes, you both look good!


04/16/22 07:43 PM #216    


Amy Lychwick (Howard)

Hello Classmates!
I have 2 FREE tickets to the St.Ed's 39th Annual Ball on May 7th up for grabs.
Any takers?
Send me an email to: if interested.
Amy Lychwick (Howard)

06/18/22 04:04 PM #217    


Mary Lyman (Ryan)

Mini-Class Reunion! LeMars Iowa June 14, 2022 

L-R Tom Kelleher, Kevin Ryan, Carolyn Bickford (Dan Bickford's wife), Mary Lyman Ryan, Bruce Lawler.  Out for breakfast after Bruce said the parish morning Mass. We ran into Carolyn Bickford as she was leaving and she stopped to say hello.


06/19/22 02:06 PM #218    


Barbara Wagner

Great pic, thanks for the post!!

06/21/22 05:25 PM #219    

Steven Booth

Awesome!! You guys look Great!

06/27/22 03:09 PM #220    


Gerald Potratz

Mary, your photo of the mini-reunion in LeMars is fantastic!  So great to see all of you looking so good.  I have not seen Tom in years and hope that he can make it to our reunion.  Tom was always organizing our "neighborhood" football and basketball games and playing cards in his basement crawl space is still a vivid memory.  And it is always so nice to see Carolyn.  Dan Bickford was my best man in marriage #1... with Fr Bruce and Fr Bill concelebrating... the day was awesome, unfortunately, the marriage less so, but I am forever grateful for Dan and Bruce and Bill's ongoing support!

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