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Mark Fritz

Residing In: Fort Dodge, IA USA

My favorite teacher was and still is Mr. Bruner!! He was a great person back then and still is. He always tells me to call him John, but nope, he will always be Mr. Bruner to me! If you haven't read his book yet, do it! It's hilarious!! Mark's favorite teacher (yes he had one!) was Mr. Sheridan. After reading his book (another great one you should read!) I think Mark identified with the ornery little kid that Mr. Sheridan was!!
My most humorous memory from St. Eds? For me every day that I wasn't fighting with Mark cuz he cracked me up (still does)! For Mark, I think anytime he was doing something he shouldn't have! About the only thing I can think of that would surprise my fellow classmates, and me too for that matter, is that Mark and I are still married after 39 years!! He said he thinks the same thing!! Of the many things that I have experienced in the years since I graduated was the day that my son Andy came walking down the hall to me carrying his newborn son Berch. What a beautiful gift from God!! I will treasure it always! We have lived in the same house for the past 33 years, and hopefully that is the only place we will ever live, cuz "there's no place like home!"